Numerous weaving mills specialize in the creation of complex technical fabrics. They are continually on the lookout for innovative technologies that allow them to make new fabrics the world has never seen before.

3D textiles for new applications
In recent years we have begun to see new types of multi-layer technical fabrics called 3D textiles. Finished products incorporating these textiles are being used in applications with increasingly rigorous mechanical requirements - for example in the aerospace industry, where traceability and reproducibility are central aspects of product specifications. The ability to precisely control the arrangement of the warp threads within the shed of the various layers is critical to the production of such industrial textiles.

UNIVAL 100: perfectly suited for technical fabrics
The compact UNIVAL 100 is perfectly suited for applications in technical textiles, which require absolute reliability in shed formation and extremely high control accuracy. Available in several formats and a variety of configurations, it opens up new possibilities and allows the production of a great diversity of technical textiles and 3D multi-layer fabrics. Depending on the desired configuration, the unit can be fitted with 512 to 15,360 actuators. The high-performance JC7U control unit allows precise programming and storage of shedding parameters: shed geometry, opening profile, phase shift and closed shed.

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