Improved manufacturing processes for composite materials hold enormous potential for the aeronautics sector. With new Kevlar or carbon-based materials gradually replacing aluminum or titanium parts, it is now possible to design lighter aircraft. The resulting 10% reduction in the total weight of the aircraft offers immediate benefits for airlines: lower fuel consumption, fewer stops, an extended flying range, and greater numbers of passengers or volume of freight carried.

With advanced connectors for high-performance vacuum applications, Stäubli helps manufacturers optimize their infusion molding applications and reliably secure parts during machining. A key application concerns the polymerisation of composite materials for infusion-moulded parts in the autoclave. Here, Stäubli’s connection solutions offer high levels of performance: the connectors are subject to both internal vacuum pressure and pressure in the autoclave – at temperatures that can reach 250°C. Thanks to its expertise in the field and in its testing laboratories, Stäubli is capable of satisfying the reliability requirements of these new industrial processes.

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