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Life-saving narrow fabrics

Sophisticated narrow fabrics
Parachute straps, seatbelts, security slings for free climbers, conveyor belts, belts for heavy payloads – all of these applications have one thing in common: the material used to make them is woven into flat webbing with special technical properties, particularly light weight and exceptionally high strength. Safety regulations for these “narrow fabrics” allow zero defects, requiring special manufacturing methods capable of ensuring 100% quality.

Specially adapted Stäubli Jacquard machines
The LX 12, LX 32 and LX 62 are compact Jacquard machines specially adapted for use on narrow-fabric weaving machines. They easily fit on various weaving systems. Depending on the pattern being woven, they can be equipped with either 2- or 3-position shed-lifting modules. A user-friendly programming tool and easy control allows the use of any type of binding structure including special bindings for multi-layers, tubular webbing, and many more applications in various technical fields.

Stäubli narrow-fabric Jacquard machines cover the range from 192 to 896 hooks. They feature robust construction for long-term, dependable service in demanding environments, and perfectly meet the needs of mills that produce high quality webbing for demanding technical applications – products that could save someone’s life.

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Live-saving straps for professionals
LX32 Jacquard machine for narrow fabrics