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Robotics – Turnkey solution for carbon fiber-reinforced polymer machining

Because of their low weight and highly specific properties, carbon-fiber composites are the material of choice for an increasing number of applications in the automotive and aerospace industries. The introduction of such light materials requires appropriate processing methods that guarantee a high level of efficiency and productivity along with precision and reproducibility. It is especially difficult to arrange for the milling of oversized components with conventional machines.

Innovative TX200 hsm robot
Stäubli engineers have put a great deal of expertise into this powerful turnkey solution for processing carbon-fiber composites. On the TX200 hsm precision robot, the robot is equipped with a milling spindle, bringing a new level of freedom and flexibility to the manufacturing environment. The robot’s considerable range makes it easy to machine large pieces. The use of a traversing axis increases the range so that parts several meters in length can be worked on with ease.
The high performance of the TX200 hsm also makes it perfect for processing fiber composites. Its repeatability is ±0.06 mm, which is well within standard carbon-fiber composite processing requirements. The multiple inherent advantages open up completely new uses in the machining of fiber composites, whether in the processing of lightweight components in the aerospace industry, in applications for the automotive industry, or in the processing of parts for wind turbines.

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Car body incorporating carbon-fiber composites
TX 200 high-speed machining robot with integrated spindle