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Weaving for automotive safety – sophisticated airbags

Airbags are standard in every car today. They are an indispensable safety feature that protects the driver and passengers in case of a collision. Because every car model is different, airbags are tailor-made for every seat in the car, front and back.

New airbag manufacturing methods
Depending on their complexity, airbags can be made of flat-woven fabric, which is cut and seamed, or in one piece with woven seams (One-Piece Woven). These OPW airbags give designers immense flexibility in creating patterns and designs. They also reduce the number of production steps, thereby minimizing production time. OPW airbags are woven on modern high-speed weaving machines. The warp material, variety of fabric patterns, and importance of precisely shaped airbags require a robust and reliable Jacquard machine. For maximum flexibility in the creation and design of airbags, weavers require a high number of hooks, which makes it possible to control each individual warp end.

LXL meets the highest production requirements
The Stäubli Jacquard machine LXL, available in formats ranging from 6,144 hooks to 18,432 hooks, meets the requirements of airbag weavers worldwide. Its lifting mechanism ensures accurate shed geometry and completely vibration-free operation, even at high speeds. The extra-reinforced drive elements and rigid structure of the LXL permit weaving very high-load fabrics such as airbags, because of the warp yarn used. Each hook is driven independently, thanks to an operator-friendly JC7 controller in which all weaving data are stored and then transmitted to each MX module. And with the custom build of the Jacquard harnesses, the perfect shed opening is guaranteed.

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Airbag fabric with woven seam
The LXL electronic Jacquard machine – ideal for airbags
LXL Jacquard machine