Stäubli solutions for technical fabrics
Weaving power for technical textiles

Individual system configurations for technical textiles
To meet the ever-increasing requirements of the market for technical textiles, Stäubli has developed a modular weaving system that allows individual system configuration and provides maximum flexibility. This means mills can optimally adapt their weaving systems to the product-specific requirements of the article to be woven.
The system offers virtually unlimited weaving possibilities, whether for flat, spacer, or complex multi-layer fabrics. Stäubli shedding machines in combination with the double-rapier weft insertion system and a special slaying motion allow high-volume production of very dense fabrics and efficient processing of a wide variety of technical and highly sensitive yarns.

Technical textiles made of carbon fibres
Any damage to the carbon yarn will lower the quality of the finished textile, thus gentle processing of the yarn must be ensured. Due to the technologies integrated in the Stäubli weaving system TF20-Series, such as the “Free Move Rapier”, highest requirements can be fulfilled. The modular design allows individual configuration of the set-up. For optimal shed formation, the system is equipped with proven Stäubli dobbies or Jacquard machines.

Heavy industrial textiles
Heavy industrial textiles, including multi-layer types, or filter fabrics are often woven at high densities, which places special demands on the weft insertion system. The weaving system TF60-Series showing off with its flexible double rapider guided by teeth and its robust construction is perfectly adapted to such demanding applications. Highest production speeds can be reached allowing the economic production of high-density textiles.

Woven synthetic grass
Amongst the various production methods for this type of surface covering, weaving has proven to be the optimal solution. The large variety of bindings ensures advantages like vertical pile knops, adequate fixation of the pile yarn and optimal water permeability. Weaving systems like the ALPHA 500 LEANTEC with weaving widths of 3.0-5.3 metres and its integrated technology adapted to the application allow the production of high-quality synthetic grass.

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Carbon-fibre technical fabric woven on TF20-Series
Stäubli TF20-Series